Since 2011, the Knights of Revery, Sir Psycho and Sir Pomp amuse themselves and others by journeying between the realms of the conscious and unconscious, between fact and fiction, between here and now, between their creamy peanut butter and your smooth jelly. Join them for a venture into the Realm of Dreams. A show. An experience. A party. Interact. Move. Dance. Put periods at the ends of short sentences. Imagine all of these in a swirling whirling chocolate and very cherry cordial. Put a spoonful of it in your mouth. Savor. You will leave knowing more people than when you arrived, and perhaps more about yourself.

“WOW! What an amazing, inspiring and hilarious show last night!! I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed it—especially the audience participation—it was truly an experience. And wanted you to know that my dreams were SUPER intense and interesting last night. No doubt because of your Dreaming creation. Thanks so much!! Can’t wait for the next installment of Sir Pomp and Psycho.”

Knights of Revery music video.

A tender moment with Sir Psycho and Sir Pomp and their baby. · Photo by Adrian Arias

”I felt inspired by the Knight’s generosity in giving us a lift on their magic carpet ride. How playful, creative and necessary. I was struck not only by your ease on stage but by your ability to attune to each other and the audience. I also loved the details: the goblets full of chocolates, the vintage postcards, the birdcage, the sun & the moon, the lullabies, and many more. Wishing the Knights good jolly and good health!”

Dance break! May T Rex bang your gong. · Photo by Adrian Arias

”You both created a real imaginarium the other night. I haven’t laughed so hard in quite a while—and the veil between our usual consensus reality and many more possible takes on the stuff of life was wonderfully thinned: now that’s a royal twofer. I very much look forward to your next round of revelry. Magic. Bravo.”

Good times!

”The show was the funniest of funny and so creative too. I escaped into dream land in fits of laughter and continued to belly laugh the whole way through. It is perfectly interactive and engaging. I have been telling everyone that they should not miss it. Don’t miss this!!!”

Sir Pomp listening to a guide.
Sir Psycho receiving a live tweet.
Back at the office for Sir Pomp & Sir Psycho

A public service announcement for Dolores Park



June 2011 – Present

  • Ohmega Salvage ·  Berkeley, California
  • Viracocha · San Francisco, California
  • The Flight Deck · Oakland, California
  • Robert Wyald · Co-Founder, Director, Producer, Actor
  • Daniel Smith · Co-Founder, Actor
  • Brian Livingston · Actor
  • Various Guest Artists
  • The Audience

Ritual Theatre