Founded in February 2017 in Berkeley, California, Poetry Nap invites you to slip off your shoes, lie down, relax, and float away to poetry and music of the masters woven into extraordinary, immersive, and witty tales with Lady & Lord Dosis. We have performed live 40 times, participated in a renowned Bay Area literary festival, and garnered a New York Times recommendation in addition to other press.

Please do climb aboard the Dandy Duchess, our magnificent, magnanimous, magical hot air balloon bed. You won’t be alone as you recline and cuddle with some of our most treasured poets from times past, present, and future.

You do the resting. We do the rest.

Ethereally, surreally, and really yours,

Lady & Lord Dosis

Music by Oskar Schuster

“But the Poetry Nap… is decidedly for everyone… A brilliant confection that is one part guided daydream, one part radio play, & all parts clever whimsy.”

Lady & Lord Dosis · Photo by Alexander Warnow

“I loved every minute of poetry nap! It was sultry. stimulating, and utterly somniferous! Truly gorgeously conceived and executed, an exquisite pleasure from beginning to end!”

Napping · Photo by Christian Schneider

”Dreamy hypnagogic word flow in the hot air balloon of nobility. My childhood, my love for life, and my desire for deep rest all thank you.”

Lady & Lord Dosis and Passengers filling the Dandy Duchess · Photo by Christian Schneider

”A magical storytelling journey of the senses, a luscious trip through a timeless tradition, I loved it! Such a special event in a gorgeous, meditative setting. Perfect alternative for a date night.”

Lady & Lord Dosis · Photo by Alexander Warnow


September 13, 2017 – Present

  • Robert Wyald · Co-Founder, Director, Producer, Actor
  • Jodie Marissa Kleeman · Co-Founder, Actor
  • Katie Lister · Costumery

Audio Theatre, Theatre