Reborn on 09.09.09. Hello, this is Earl Kayman Naga. And so are you. We get to touch. Sorry we’ve been away for so long. Great to be back. Love being here. We reawaken our sleeping dreams. Lovely time in our editable memes. We are the multi-cellular organism and the ancient cosmic stardust and the animal symbiotic with plants and the worlds citizen and the mote of dust and the Universe. The day dream and night dream believer. Born in an ancient river far, far before the word river, in what is now known as Gorge Us, but what was then not known, Earl Kayman Naga is happy to be known again and again.



September 9, 2009 – 2011

  • Worldwide
  • Robert Wyald · Writer, Filmmaker
  • Irma Gogiashvili, Artist

Film, Poetry, Writing